Hands-on, Interactive Workshops

Valuable face time with our HIPAA experts. Answers to your specific questions.

  • Build Your Own Binder

    Start with a HIPAA binder. Continue building and updating with the new materials, knowledge, and resources provided at each Workshop.

  • Get Certified

    Compliance is all about the documentation. We'll help you create a paper trail with a certificate to show you've kept up with the required training.

  • Ask Your Questions

    Skip the lectures and join us for a discussion centered around current topics and local concerns. Ask the experts and share with colleagues.

Real People, Real Answers

Experience is the best teacher, but you don't want to learn this stuff the hard way!

Our Workshops are facilitated by seasoned experts who deal with HIPAA issues on daily basis. Benefit from their knowledge and experience as you also learn from the mistakes of other local practices.

More Options for Easier Scheduling

We know you're busy! So this year, we're offering more sessions for more flexibility.

  • Break for Breakfast


  • Let’s do Lunch


  • Time for Tea


  • Shaken not Stirred


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