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The Impact of Civil Litigation and Social Media on Your Reputation

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Office Manager • Compliance Director
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Security Officer • HIPAA Officer
Chief Information Officer
Health Information Manager
Healthcare Counsel/lawyer

It has been more than ten years since the HIPAA rules went into effect, and practices that have failed to come into compliance are at great risk. The HHS and OCR have aggressively targeted medical practices and we anticipate enforcement will only increase in frequency and severity. Furthermore, plaintiffs’ attorneys are getting wise to breach of privacy claims, which the courts in many jurisdictions have allowed to proceed with the HIPAA rules serving as the standards to which you will be held.

If your organization is not ready, the potential liability and exposure is greater than ever with higher mandatory civil enforcement penalties and civil liability in the event of a breach. Not only are medical practices at risk of being selected to undergo an audit, there is also the possibility of investigations from complaints filed by disgruntled patients, employees and competitors. Patients whose privacy rights have been violated or have been denied their HIPAA rights are seeking legal compensation and the plaintiff’s bar has taken notice.

In this session we will review the anatomy of a HIPAA breach of privacy lawsuit and the types and scope of litigation we have seen uptick around the country. We will examine the nature of the breach and analyze what may have been done to prevent the occurrence from happening, and how to mitigate the potential damages. We will examine where the practices have exposed themselves with compliance vulnerabilities through poor documentation, lack of training, and absence of a culture of compliance. We will also explore the typical risks organizations face that have led to civil liability and ways to improve your HIPAA compliance program to minimize the potential exposure.

We will also explore the risks and vulnerabilities posed to your organization through the use of social media. While social media can be a tremendous marketing tool for your organization, there are potential risks and threats of exposure if not set up correctly, and your employees must also be adequately trained. A strong social media policy for your staff is imperative to reduce the potential risks and exposure to your organization.

Set aside the time now to review and refine your HIPAA practices. Register today for On Trial: The Impact of Civil Litigation and Social Media on Your Reputation and protect your practice with knowledge.

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